We accept the benefits and responsibilities that come with the privilege of being part of the church. We are therefore committed to living in ways that commend the gospel of our Lord Jesus to those who do not know Him. We recognise that our witness in word must be matched by a life lived under the Lordship of Jesus, in obedience to the Word of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.

In accepting our differing and complementary roles within the church, we recognise our need of each other as we seek to serve the Lord and live together as the family of God. We can only do this as the Holy Spirit produces his fruit in our lives and so we affirm our total dependence on Him, asking Him to make us what God calls us to be.

We commit ourselves to each other, conscious of our own failings and our need for God’s daily forgiveness. We therefore covenant together to be gracious and forgiving so that when difficulties arise among us we will not simply walk away, but will, in humility, make every effort to work through the difficulties and seek to resolve the situation.

We acknowledge our differing backgrounds, attitudes and personalities but seek to accept one another in the Lord aware of our own inadequacy and sinfulness. With God’s help, we seek to express our love for the Lord and for each other in the fellowship by mutual support, accountability and encouragement, ready always to give of ourselves, our time and resources.

We look to the future with confidence and expectancy, delighting in the goodness and faithfulness of our gracious and loving God. Our desire is to see the Father glorified, the Son exalted and the Spirit honoured in the life and witness of this church.

We look forward to the return of our Saviour and ask the Holy Spirit to empower us to live each day in the light of our Lord’s coming again.