Dear Church Family,

As a church we are united in the Lord Jesus Christ. We love to express our unity by gathering together to hear God’s word, sing his praises, pray to him and share fellowship with one another.

At present we are not all able to gather as normal but from Sunday 6th December until Sunday 20th December we will be able to restart our 10.30 service at Hall Cross Lower School. This will not be a return to normality and I am writing to explain the changes that we have had to make and the steps we will all have to take to ensure that our services are Covid-secure and everyone is safe.

Whilst some of us will be able to meet at Hall Cross, many of us will continue to join the services online. We value everybody in our church family and whether we are at Hall Cross or at home we remain one church united in the Lord Jesus Christ. I therefore also want to share what we will be doing to maintain our sense of unity and serve those unable to attend the service in person.

Joining us in person

To ensure safe social distancing we will have to limit the number of people who can attend each service. To begin with we will only be able to accommodate 50 people at each service. Booking is therefore essential for everyone, who wishes to attend a service, including children. By law we are required to keep a record of who attends for 21 days to aid Test and Trace. If you do not book then you will not be allowed to attend.

Booking will open each week at 10am on Monday morning and close at 12pm on Friday or when the service is full. Please book online through the church website. Details of how to do this can be found in the video below.

If you are having problems using the website then please contact the church office and we will do our best to help.

The current government guidance is that those over 70 are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if they do go out, to take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household.

To begin with we will not be able to run children’s groups but families are still welcome and there will be a children’s talk during the service.

If you want to join us in person you can find more information on the church website and by watching this video. This will show you what to expect and how to book.

Joining us online

For those not attending we will be live-streaming our service on Youtube and on our Website every Sunday morning. The service will start at 10.30am but the live-stream will begin from 10.15am.

Live-streaming from a school hall is difficult. Please bear with us if there are technical difficulties some weeks. We will do our best to serve those joining online as well as those joining in person at Hall Cross. To begin with we will be pre-recording the service and uploading this to Youtube and the church website if the Livestream does not work.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will do our best to answer your questions.

In Ezra 3 when the people laid the temple’s foundations some people shouted with joy whilst others wept. I expect many of us will experience a similar mix of emotions as we resume services at Hall Cross. We therefore need to remember what we have been learning from the book of Ezra. The LORD is good and his love for us endures for ever. He is sovereign and so nothing can stop him building his kingdom.

Whether you join us in person at Hall Cross or join us online at home I am praying that God would help us all to grow in our faith and worship of him.

Your servant in Christ